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Welcome on this website, 

concerning the Country Rock Festival of Prat Bonrepaux, a village located in Ariège within the french Pyrenees mountains close to Spain. Since this festival started in 1998, we worked so much that we increased so far the numbers of visitors.


It ‘s a two-days festival with plenty of fun, particularly this year due to, or dispite the weather, we would say it was the year of “ plenty”:

Plenty of people, plenty of dancers, plenty of sun, plenty of music, plenty of entertainments (with a rodeo added this time), a plenty supply of everything we didn’t evaluate but was appreciated as far as we know by all our visitors.


Going to the page ”retro” you will find the detailed story of those unbelievable and brilliant days of august.


Thanks to all of you, known or unknown for your active participation. Your contribution had a large part in the success of this festival.

We want to express our sincere gratitude to all the dancers from many clubs and especially to the HTPC club. In charge of the line dance during the whole festival, particularly for the lessons given on Saturday morning to more than a hundred beginners, allowing them to dance the same night.

Thanks also to JM Schmidt the “maestro” of our afternoons and a "steel day" or "redbone steel jam" .

A special thank to Judy and Peter who visit us each year, coming from London to dance with their French friends met in Prat-Bonrepaux.

And “last but not least”, a very big thank to our president J.F. Fabian because a festival it’s not a “peace of cake”, it’s a real adventure.

We had a last  year, good american music, covering a large panel from traditional country to Jazz, for more infos goto a page "la rétro".

So buddies, I hope we’ll see you on the 18th 19th  & 20th days of  august 2006 for the ninth year of our country festival in Prat Bonrepaux with a brand-new program of good music, two big dance floors for the dancers, a "steeldayguitar" with in evening party a "redbone steel jam", a dance history conférence  ... and much much more.

If you need more informations, some advice about a trip you want to do in Ariège, accommodation … please write to me or call me: it will be a real pleasure for me to help you.

Next meeting 18 19 and 20 august 2006






















We will just mention the Billy Bros Orchestra (ital) whose swing remembered the old Cotton club.  And Ronnie Hayward (can) who sang the best country of the fifties